About Me

Life Coach, Erika Black

I am passionate about helping people live happier lives!  I can help you get past obstacles, change toxic thinking and begin living your life with peace and purpose.

I received my Holistic Life Coach certification through The Spencer Institute and specialize in Personal Development and Relationships.  I have over 15 years of experience with motivational group facilitation and one-on-one coaching, having facilitated many groups for the Vineyard Churches in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I want you to be able to determine and achieve your personal goals and gain the confidence to get unstuck and move past life’s obstacles.  With wisdom, sensitivity and proven, effective tools, I will be your powerful motivational ally and coach, helping you move past the things that hold you back and get to your bright future!

Pull It TOGETHER is unique because I am unique.  I have a very strong faith in God, which defines me.  My life has taken many twists and turns and has definitely not all been easy.  I’ve been married and divorced; I am a mother of a child with ADD; a musician, artist and writer; have held corporate titles and have worked in fast food restaurants; I have survived abuse, suffered from PTSD, struggled with addiction; I have lived through grief at the loss of my loved ones, even two of them to suicide; have achieved great success and been down and out.  I have made my own mistakes and have overcome some daunting difficulties to come to this purposeful and fulfilling place in my life.

I am a natural born encourager, teacher and coach with experience, wisdom, training and intuition that prove to be very effective in discerning the stuck places in others and helping them find their way forward.

WHAT I KNOW: we are capable of far more than we realize.  We are all amazingly unique and special and we can be who we were created to be – we just need to change our minds.  Change the negative, self-defeating thoughts and replace them with encouraging self/life-affirming thoughts.  I can help!

MY GOAL: to help you get past obstacles, change toxic thinking and begin living your dream!