3 Simple Steps To Changing Your Life!

Thrive2Yes, that’s right – you can change your life with 3 simple steps.  These steps are not hard, but they do require time, intention and implementation – ahhh, therein lies the disconnect.  Can’t I take a pill or something?  Everyone wants an easy way out; to find the key that unlocks the proverbial door.  Look at the tabloids in the checkout line – observe all the articles about miracle diets and quick weight loss secrets year after year after year.  Don’t you think that if it were that easy, there would be no overweight people?  It’s not a matter of knowing what to do – everyone knows that you have to consume fewer calories and exercise to lose weight – it’s a matter of doing it.  What’s the problem then, no backbone?  No, and please, please, please do not beat yourself up like that!  It’s that 96% of our behaviour is controlled by our subconscious mind.  So, if consciously we want to change and our subconscious is out of whack, we’re screwed and have 4% of conscious control battling the large and in charge 96%.  But here’s what I know for sure: if you are really ready to make some changes and follow these simple steps, you can experience a transformation bringing your subconscious mind in line with your conscious will and actually make the changes that you want to make, ending up with a life that you are inspired by and can’t wait to participate in!

We all want to make a difference and have some fun along the way, so let’s get started!  We only have one life after all.

    Really think about what you want to have in your life – the spirituality, people, activities, money, health and profession that you really want.  Don’t think small.  Leave your negativity at the door.  I mean bring your WILDEST hopes and dreams to this step; God put them there for a reason.  This is a fun activity.  You get to create your life; the life of your dreams!  So, dream big, brainstorm and imagine.  Create a vision board, go on an authentic exploration and find out what truly speaks to your soul.  Music, architecture, certain people, professions, colors or styles, etc.  What do you want on your bucket list?  Write all this down on paper and be specific in these 5 categories:
    People and Activities
    Money and Finances
    Health and Fitness
    Be sure to use verbiage that is present tense, even if it is not yet true.  For example: instead of saying ‘I will try to…”, say “I am” or “I have”.  The subconscious brain doesn’t understand ‘try’ and is confused by dates and tenses.  Once you get your vision in written form, I encourage you to audio and/or video record yourself making these statements.  Listen to this every day.  You will be retraining your subconscious brain and increasing your skill at living life.  Think about any hobby you may have, like bowling.  How does a bowler get better at bowling?  They work at it, they bowl and, when they see something that isn’t really working for them, they tweak it.  Let’s be like the bowler, only with our lives.  Let’s get excellent at living our lives!  Getting intentional and putting your Vision in front of you every day will start the transformation!  I also strongly suggest that you partner up with a friend or coach that can encourage you and keep you on track.
    In order to retrain your subconscious you have to change the things you do on a daily basis.  You may have to exclude or limit activities that are waste your time and drain you of energy like, watching TV, playing video games, social media, etc.  The truth is, where you spend your time and money directs your life!  A football coach conducts practice for their team on a daily basis.  They have a goal of winning a championship, but it is what they do with their team in practice every day that makes it possible for the team to win the championship.  In order to win your championship, you will want to establish new daily activities or practices such as:
    Listening to or reading your Vision
    Prayer & Meditation
    Reading inspiring literature
    Working on your Vision Board
    The more good, positive, healthy, engaged activities you put into your life, the more your subconscious will shift.  Prayer and meditation as well as listening to your Vision every morning will remind you who you are, who you were created to be, what you stand for and where you are going.  This is KEY.  Do not slip into your day without connecting to God and your higher purpose!
    Go for it.  Make a fearless plan and start with Step 1.  Then, just do the next step, then the next.  You can always readjust as you go along, the important thing is to use your new purpose and inspiration to get started and keep going.  You’ll be amazed!  Just like the old Mickey Rooney/Keenan Wynn song says, “Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking across the floor.  Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door.”

It’s true.  The only thing holding you back are subconscious lies like: you aren’t good enough, you can’t do it, you don’t know what to do so why bother, etc.  These limiting lies need to be blown up and replaced with empowering truths.  Please do yourself and the world the honor of transforming.  Because, when you do, you will be living with joy, intention and purpose and the world will benefit from all of the love and joy that you bring into it!

Be sure to contact me  and tell me how these steps have helped you move forward toward a life you love!  I LOVE you all and I believe in you!  You can do this, YOU can Pull It Together!  Coach Erika

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