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Tending The Garden – Sleep!

Do you get enough zzzzzz’s at night?  How negative is it really?  Do plants need to ‘sleep’? We are continuing on with the gardening metaphor as it relates to how we do or do not care for ourselves.  Sleep is

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What To Do About Those Bullies

October 2012 is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month.  Ever been bullied?  Ever been a bully?  Most likely we have all been on each side of the bullying dilemma at some point in our childhood.  I myself was kind of an easy

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Musings From Jedi Training Camp – Are Things Really What They Seem?

Jedi training camp.  Yoda is training Luke to use the Force.  Luke is doing well, when R2D2 alerts him that their ship is sinking into the mire.  Luke loses his concentration, he and Yoda fall to the ground.  Surveying the

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